Monday, May 9, 2011

The slow road to Lansing......

I think I should pack a bag and just leave Miss Angel at the studio this week.  She's got full dress rehearsal with hair & makeup done for comp tonight.  Pictures (in all 6 costumes, plus studio warm-ups) Tuesday.  Another final rehearsal on Wedesday.  Regular classes on Thursday and Friday night we're heading to Lansing.   Whew! 

I do believe the schedule said she'd going to be doing tap at 0801 Saturday morning and jazz at 1053.  The trio from the studio is at 4 something, so we have to stick around until they're done.   At least the numbers aren't terribly close together, so there's plenty of time to go back to the room & change and relax a bit. 

We're sharing a room with Mallory & her mom.  Laura was so thrilled & excited that I asked.  She had planned to drive out the day of, since the rooms are pretty pricey.  Hey - half price is much better than full!  That would make for a long day for them - since we have to be checked in at the comp by 0645!!!  She seems nice and Angel & Mallory are pals, so it should be a good weekend.

Heehee, The Radisson hotel has Sleep-Number beds!  Can't wait to play with them!


Mother's Day was nice - we went to church & I got a little plant from them.  Then we all went over to Mom's and got her yard ready for summer.  Turned over the flower beds, weeded, added topsoil, planted a few plants, cut the grass & edged.  It looked wonderful!

I was "authorized" to get the gargoyle I saw at Telly's for my Mother's day gift  (Randy's not a good shopper).  I was stopping there anyway to get Mom's plants.  This guy is just too stinkin' cute !!!

He's probably a foot tall and is made of stone.  He must weigh 20 lbs!!  He looks really good sitting by the back door.

Wish me luck keeping my sanity this next week and send up some prayers that I don't choke a certain girl for being excessively snotty & sassy !!!

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