Saturday, January 23, 2010


Happy Saturday!

The Monster Trucks were pretty fun last weekend. I am slightly sad that I missed the demo-cross that went on during intermission. Angel was in dire need of cotton candy and we had to go hunt some down. The demo cross was a demolition derby race and the cars were all pulling trailers. It would have been hysterical!

The Demo-Cross aftermath

Avenger (with no reverse gear) and Blue Thunder






Blue Thunder


I had another good WW week – down another .4 lbs. Not a whole lot, but it was some. I’ll take it. It was a nice surprise, since it was TOM and I felt like a blob.

I started reading FlyLady’s (aka Marla Cilley) book Body Clutter. Wow. It’s deep. As it says on the back cover “to teach readers how to handle and erase the clutter they carry on their bodies and minds when it comes to body image.” At the end of each chapter, there’s a “mission” to do that really gets you thinking. This last one I did was to think back to what your weight was at certain milestones in your life. I really had no idea, so I broke out my Navy medical records. Wow. Just Wow.

Wow, I’m sitting here thinking and I really don’t have much else to talk about.

Skeeter supervising sock-matching efforts.

Friday, January 15, 2010



Last night at weigh in was the greatest night, EVER!! I finally broke thru the 59 lb roadblock!! I came in at 60.6 lbs now!  I got tired of staying in the same 3-5 lbs, so I started using the points tracker on e-tools and it really made a difference. I was cheating myself by not filling out the book correctly. So that 4.2 lbs loss proves it! I was so happy I squealed like a little pig when I saw Carol fill in the entry.

I have been in the worst mood lately, and I have no idea why. I hated going to work, I hated going home, I hated going to WW, I hated my life, and I even hated people! I told Randy & Angel that I was going to take Skeeter & Jack and go to some mountaintop & become a hermit. And they thought I was kidding! And wondered why I wasn’t going to take the other cats. Simple – Maggie is Randy’s cat & Chester is Angel’s. But it all came to a head Monday night & I sat down & cried. This of course completely drained me. So I went to bed early & I’ve been back to my normal happy self since! I’m convinced that attitude has helped with my weight loss.  I must have needed that little pity party.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling so much better that I decided to go shopping while Angel was at dance Wednesday night. I usually hate shopping, since it requires trying stuff on. I just went to the Salvation Army, so I don’t feel guilty re-donating it when it doesn’t fit anymore. But that place is a pain because nothing is sorted by size; you have to look thru everything. But I was only looking for pants, since I had exactly one pair that fit me right. I ended up with a cartful to try on. I had to stop and look when I saw the mirror in the dressing room. I was looking GOOooooooOOOOD! And I was pretty happy with most of what I tried on, so I just chose the nicest stuff. Came home with 3 pair of pants – 2 of which still had original store tags - and 3 skirts. It’s great! I had one pair of leggings that I loved, but are too big now. I found the exact same ones in a smaller size! MINE. I should have grabbed the other pair, too. Oh well.

Tomorrow night is Monster Jam at Ford Field - can't wait!  We didn't go last year even tho we had tickets because it snowed and the roads were exceedingly crappy.  It was safer to stay home and we watched the DVD compilation of all the years of Monster Jam at the Silverdome.

So we got Angel’s room painted last weekend. It’s not the lime green & turquoise she wanted, but it’s close enough and it’s pretty cool anyway. There are just a few things of hers left in the living room and that room should be back to normal. Maybe some day I’ll have a house where I can actually put things away. I was looking on and found my dream house – dream being the key word here. On Lake Hamilton outside Hot Springs. 7900 sq. foot.  5 bedrooms, 7 baths, 4+ car garage.  etc, etc.  Maybe one day …. 

Did I mention it was listed for $4.8 mil?

Yeah, anyway, back to reality.  I need to reboot some laundry & go load up the dishwasher.

Jack kissing the Doofus Bunny!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!!

 2010 Glasses

Whew! We survived the holidays!

I was so happy that I managed to get reservations for Jack at the Petsmart PetsHotel with no problem. We dropped him off Christmas Eve because no one was there on Christmas Day for check-ins. Then we went out to dinner then to church. This is the first time we’ve gone to the new location for services. They are having them at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at the high school. The reasoning is that people who may be intimidated by a church would be more likely to attend at a neutral place like a school. Guess if it works for them! It seemed odd but as I told Randy (he had more issues than me about it) – Jesus didn’t have a fancy church to spread the word. He went to where the people were. Anyway, I liked it. They always have good Christmas Programs. After that, we went home and watched a movie. Then we packed Angel off to bed so Santa could come. Of course it was the one night of the year that she insisted on keeping her door open. But once she’s out, she could sleep thru a freight train going thru her room. We know because she’s never known about the fireworks that the township lets off at the end of our street each summer.

OMG, I have so learned my lesson. When the girl picks out the hugest f***ing cookie imaginable for Santa, it is not necessary for me to eat most of it. I was wired on Mexican Coke and sugar until 4 am. I sat up and was playing boring games on the computer trying to bore myself to sleep – no luck.

So I was up at 7:30 Christmas morning. I made coffee & was relaxing on the couch before Angel rolled out of bed. It was a good day. Randy got me an iPod Nano and a Red Wings Mr. Potato Head. Awesome. I got him an XM radio repeater thing, since he doesn’t get good reception at work for his XM and new seat covers for his car. Angel got a whole bunch of stuff.

My Tater Head!

We left around 2ish to head up to Frankenmuth. We played mini-golf & had dinner at Zehnders. Then we drove around looking at lights, then went back to the hotel & hit the pools! They have 5 indoor pools, so we went in all of them. We finally got kicked out at 11. I entertained Mom & Laurie by pretending to be sucked into the filter in every pool. I’d go throw myself against the wall and have one arm & leg up over the side and yell for help until someone came to help me. Angel was usually my savior.

The non-PGA

The next morning, after breakfast we went to Michigan’s Own Military & Space Museum. This was the coolest thing! It wasn’t like other museums. This one was much more personal and had a huge section about the Polar Bears from WWI. Each display had a uniform & misc. other stuff, along with a picture of the person who wore that uniform and their story. It was fascinating. Loved it. Then we went to Bronners & did some shopping. Poor Randy was bored to tears. Normally I wouldn’t drag him with me to a place like that, but we didn’t have much choice this time.

Outside Michigan's Own Miltary & Space Museum

We didn’t do anything for New Years. Angel and I went to see the latest Chipmunks movie with Mom, Laurie & Lisa. Eh. I guess it was cute, but I wasn’t too impressed. Everyone else liked it, tho. Then we went over to Linda’s so I could drop off their gifts. Angel ended up going home with Mom for the night, so Randy and I could celebrate our own way. Pppft. We watched the Red Wings win, then we turned on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve and flipped between all the major channels until midnight. It was funny that I happened to look over at Randy and he said “I’m not wearing pants!” He wasn’t! We were sitting on the bed and he still had a shirt on with the blankets pulled up to his waist, so I didn’t even notice that he was pants-less! So I took mine off, too. That was our thing this year. Happy Pants-less New Year! We were asleep by 12:30 – didn’t even stay awake for the Arkansas New Year. Oh well.

Today I got up and did my Fast 3 Mile Walk DVD and watched the Rose Parade, then went and picked Angel up from Mom’s. We got home and watched the Winter Classic hockey game (Yay, Bruins!!) and now Randy is over there watching the Rose Bowl (Go Buckeyes!) I didn’t get to watch the Winter Classic last year with the Wings, since we were on the road coming home from Arkansas. I bet it was neat. I loved this one how they announced the players chosen for the US Olympic Team. They had a bunch of little kids wearing USA jerseys lined up on the blue line and they turned around at each name called, so you could see the player’s name on their back. Cute! I really liked how the Bruin’s goalie came out and touched gloves with each of the kids when his name was called. Very cool.

I may even come up with a resolution this year! I’m already doing the weight loss thing, so I’m not beating the dead horse. But I’m really going to buckle down and follow FlyLady and get this house presentable. Right now it looks like Hurricane Santa hit. I love how she has holiday clean up missions now.

So anyway, that’s all the excitement here.

The "interview" face