Saturday, July 30, 2011

Le Progress

I mentioned this shipwreck in an earlier post and finally got around to researching it.

Here's the link I found from the Niagara Falls Review  from January 2007.  I admit to being slightly disappointed in the backstory.  I was hoping for a really awesome, dramatic, exciting tale.  Guess I should have known, since I noticed floodlights and dangling cords on the masts when we were standing on the shore looking at it.  Not something you'd find on a real pirate ship.

What's really cool is that you can see it on Google Maps - wish I could have gotten the whole harbour but this is still neat.


Friday, July 29, 2011


OK, I suck.

I honestly cannot believe that since I rejoined WW in early March that I've only lost a whole whopping 4.4 lbs.  How pathetic.

I've gone up my past 3 weigh ins (except for the week I skipped).  And now that I think about it, I can guess why.  That's how long Angel's been going to summer school.  I have to go in to work later & leave to pick her up, so I have to make up that time at the end of the day.  When you're used to working 7:30 to 3:30 and then suddenly start going in 8 - 5 or's killer!  I don't feel like doing anything when I get home!  So that & the crazy heat has really shot down my exercising. 

Thankfully - she only has one more week after today, so I can go back to my lovely regular hours & be happy.

I'm not using that as an excuse, tho.  That was a whole mental thing.  I HATE & DESPISE staying there so late!  For the first week I was all disgusted &  anxious to make sure I got there in time to pick her up, etc, etc.  Once I got used to it, the anxiety went away.  The disgusted-ness has dimmed to mild annoyance.

Oh - another thing....those Fireball Liqui-Fusion things.  I don't know about those.  I was taking 2 with breakfast & 2 with lunch because I'd forget to take them with dinner & then wouldn't because it was too close to bed.   Around mid afternoon, my heart would start to race & I'd feel nauseous.  Not a good feeling at all - especially with my wonky female cycle - I had the fleeting thought more than once that I might be pregnant.  But I'm NOT - WOOHOO!!   However, I am considering trying another bottle and setting the alarm on my phone as a reminder & spreading them out more.  Just a thought.

Sigh.  Gonna pull my big girl pants up and make it thru this last week.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Love Critters - Volume 3

This is Jack.  He is probably the most expensive free dog EVER! 

One of the girls I used to work with called me one day.  Her Mom's neighbor had a Beagle puppy they wanted to find a new home for, because their Great Dane kept using him for a chew toy.  She'd remembered me telling her that Randy grew up with Beagles.  We had a conference & decided to take the puppy.  This was early December 2004.   

We hadn't even had him for 3 weeks when he got sick.  Oh, and of course the first morons "couldn't find" his papers.  I never cared if he was pure-bred or not - I suspect not anyway.  I wanted his medical records to know for sure that her was up to date on his shots.  Again - I suspect not.  I took him to the vet who then sent him to the animal hospital.  He had parvo - which is a potentially life-threatening virus in dogs.  The poor little guy was in isolation for 3 days because it's very contagious.  We went every day to visit and had wear paper gowns & gloves & then step in bleach on the way out. Oh yeah - that was probably $1800 for that little visit.

He obviously recovered & we brought him home 2 days before Christmas.  When then he promptly got into a Christmas stocking and ate a LOT of chocolate.  If that happened now, we probably wouldn't worry, since he eats everything.  But he was a sick little puppy who'd already wiggled his way into our hearts.  Randy looked online & found that 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide will induce vomiting in dogs.  And it works just fine, too!  

He was so funny the first time he met one of Laurie's horses.  I took him to the barn with me & went in Captain's stall to visit.  Jack followed, nose to the ground like he does and came nose to hoof with Captain.  He stopped and looked at that hoof, which was probably huge to him, and then I could see him slowly lift his head and climb Captain's legs with his eyes.  Captain had his head down, looking, too.  As soon as Jack realized that was a huge living thing looking back at him & acted surprised & ran out of the stall.   It was so funny!  but he's totally OK with all the horses now.

Those eyes are so expressive!  I watched him checking out the Christmas tree one year.  He was just sniffing all the ornaments he could reach so I let him do his thing, but kept an eye on him.  At one point he stopped with his nose against an ornament and I could see his eyes follow the chaser lights as they went in front of him - it was so funny because he got so still & just looked. 

Anyway, we should have called him Hoover because he vacuums up any food that my hit the floor.  And heaven forbid the cat food is where he can reach it!!  He loves to go for walks & to play with his cousin / girlfriend Morgan.   He doesn't quite know what to think of small dogs.

Baby Jack - how can you NOT love that face???!!!
btw - that orange nubby ball right there is the ONLY toy he has never managed to destroy.  

This is how he entertains himself in the yard.

When I'm home alone - he will sit in the bedroom doorway & look out at the back door. 
Like he's guarding me.

You. Will. Give. Me. Food. 

Nananana BAT DOG!!!
Watching Daddy eat.
Morgan & Jack watching Grandpa.  
Ninja dogs will allow nothing to hit the floor!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water weekend!

I went into a lot more detail on my other blog about this weekend, so I'll stick to the pertinent info now.

I had too much beer.  I don't know why it seems to go down easier near the water.  And jello shots.

I ate fairly OK, I didn't go crazy with junk.  I did have 2 S'mores Saturday night and chips on the tubing trip Sunday.   Lunch was a turkey & ham & veggies sub from Subway.

Definitely lots of exercise!  Swimming & jet-skiing (until I killed it) on Saturday, then tubing for 5 or so hours Sunday.

I am so proud of myself!  I was able to get on the jet-ski - THREE times !!! after being flipped off it in the middle of the lake.  It wasn't the most graceful sight on earth, but I made it! 

Oooh, and Friday night I went shopping for a new bathing suit.  I grabbed one that I liked and the hanger said 16.  I wasn't really sure what size I'd need, so that was going to be my yardstick.  I tried it on & was shocked and upset that it was snug & the girls were quite literally pouring out the sides.  When I took it off, I glanced at the tag and it said 12 !!  SQUEEE!  I . Fit . My . Butt . Into . A . 12 !!!!!  Without damaging it or me, too !!!!  It also was a really scary sight, but since I was the only one who saw it, that's ok!  I had it on my body!  **happy dance**  Don't worry - I totally did not buy that one. 

I did find a suit but once I got it home, I realized the boy shorts looked weird on me.  My thighs are too thick to wear something like that.  Not flattering at all.  So I opted to try sewing up a few inches of the bodice on my black suit from my earlier post.  Then to cover where the stitches are, I sewed a few pewter beads along the seam & it looked awesome!  And I wasn't horribly self-conscious anymore! 

So anyway, back on the wagon to making good choices.

btw - the following picture constitutes a bad choice!  Some of the kids in our tubing group saw a nice muddy bank along the river & decided to make a mud slide.  My 50 year old sister was with them and I couldn't let her show me up.  The first time was all fine & good & fun.  The second time I slipped in the mud. Skinned up my upper thigh pretty bad.  This happened Sunday afternoon - this pic was taken this morning.

All I have to say is I'm glad it happened on a meaty area or this would really hurt!!! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Water Weekend!

Such fun!  There will be another post about this, because I still have to get our 2 waterproof cameras developed.  These pics are from my regular camera before we left.

Saturday afternoon, Laurie & I (along with the Tweedles, niece Lisa & Angel) drove up to Linda's place in Gladwin.  Linda & clan were coming up later, so we hung out with the neighbor, Scott (who is totally hot for Laurie - LOL!!)  Seriously, this guy had a cooler full of Bud Light, Miller Lite (for Laurie), 2 different kinds of Smirnoff Ice and 3 trays full of jello shots.  How much did he really expect us to drink??? 

Lulu wanted Angel to roll on her to crack her back. 

Anyway, we had a few beers (and about 15 jellos shots each) then went out on the water.  I called dibs on the jet-ski, so everyone else got on the pontoon boat.

Moment of drama - I went around the lake twice to re-familiarize myself with the jet-ski.  I'd only been on it once before.  Then I went back to get Angel to ride with me.  However, I didn't know about the scam.  She's technically too big to ride in front of me, but I didn't know that.  But she wanted there so she could drive and get away with it, since she's not legal for 2 months yet.  Anyway, she attempts to climb in ront of me & proptly flipped us.  I thought it was funny, but she apparently didn't.  So we climbed back on (so proud I could even do this in deep water!!), but I couldn't find the ignition to plug the key back in.  I tried to look around her, but she leaned, too and we flipped over again.  She got mad & ~extremely~ dramatic because the seaweed was grossing her out.  So I told her to go back to the boat, I wasn't listening to her bitch & moan.  Anyway, it was too late.  The jet-ski was dead.  So no one else got to ride it.

Scott tied it to the pontoon & he tossed out the anchor, so we just vegged & swam near the boat for a while.   Angel did finally get over her snit & once she realized we were too deep for the seaweed to get her, she did go back in the water.  Lulu sat there on her phone, trying to get a signal, like a huge putz.  Pppft.

So after that, we went back to the camper to get changed & went back to Scott's for more beer & jello shots until Linda, Dave, Catie & boyfriend Charlie arrived.  We never saw Scott again after that!  I don't know why he never came over to the fire!  Oh well.

We made hot dogs & S'mores & then called it a night.   We found this in Kroger & bought a bottle to give to Linda as a thank-you for letting us use her camper.  LOL!  How perfect!!

Linda & I were the Happy Good Morning wake up committee Sunday.  Laurie & the girls are not morning people, and we are.  So at least 2 of us were highly amused.

The severed hand made an appearance several times.  
This lumpy sleeping bag is Angel. 

Sunday dawned cloudy & (after last weeks temps near 100) cool.  We really thought we were going to get rained out.  But we went to White's Canoe Livery anyway.  It was rather unpleasant to begin with.  I believe there were 16 of us all together.  Me, Laurie, Linda, Catie, Charlie, Michelle & Denny all tied together with the cooler tubes in the middle.  Angel & Lulu eventually tied on to us, too.  Michelle's 2 daughters with their respective boyfriends and friends went off in their own groups.

I'm happy to say only minor injuries occured.  We stopped to climb the river bank at one point to slide down the mud into the river.  This is what happened to me....

and that was while trying to climb back up to go a second time!  Gonna be really colorful in another couple days!  I took this pic right before I started this post.

Catie got hurt somehow, not quite sure where or on what since she's a bit dramatic.  Trisha slammed her knee into a rock underwater, it was all swollen & nasty looking.  Angel skinned up one of her knees while dunking Laurie "like a donut!!"  I got stabbed in the back on my arm with the branch of a tree that we went under.  Almost tore my bathing suit, too.  I had my tube around my waist, walking and it got shallow, so I was trying to keep my legs from dragging bottom and instead caught the skirt of my suit on something. 

Of course the sun came out about 30 minutes from the end.  Go figure!

Anyway, it was still fun and we'll probably try to go on a Saturday next time!  I was so exhausted last night.  I had told Angel she was going to bed at 9:30 and fought to stay awake until then.  I don't think I moved until the alarm went off this morning!


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FMM: Defining Moments
Was there a defining moment in which you realized that you needed to lose weight?  If so, will you elaborate? (If you experienced this moment in some other area of your life, please feel free to share that too!)

I realized I needed to do something about my weight when I was creeping up on my 35th birthday & just wasn't happy with myself or comfortable in my skin.  I couldn't find clothes that I liked or looked good in.  I had a heel spur, my back hurt at night so I couldn't sleep and I was frankly embarassed to take my skinny little daughter into the dance studio looking like I did.  So I joined Weight Watchers.

I still have a hard time shopping, mainly because I never know what size & have to be in the mood to try stuff on.  My heel spur is no more & I sleep great at night.  No more aches & pains!!

btw - I was looking for a bathing suit to wear tubing this weekend & tried one on that had been on a hanger saying size 16.  I was miffed at first because it was a bit snug & "the girls" were overflowing.  I took it off & looked at it because I liked the was a 12 !!!!  I fit my butt in a 12!!!!!!!  It looked bad, but it was on without cutting me in half!! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WTH happened???

So we're going tubing on the Rifle River this weekend.  We went last year & had a riot. 

I bought both of these bathing suits last year & had no issue with them at all.  I wore the black one last year tubing & the funky green one went to the lake for the weekend.

I took the black one over to Mom's on the 4th of July & when I put it on, I was like "WTF!!!  I don't remember this showing so much cleveage!!!)  I held a towel over me when I wasn't in the pool.

Then I put the green one on last night & it wasn't much better! 

I have no idea why all of a sudden I'm so self-conscious about the girls hanging out, but I am!   

So...I can either pin one of Randy's hankerchiefs into my suit as a "modesty panel" (his suggestion - not mine!!), sew it closed (a co-worker's suggestion) or just go buy a new one (my thought).

I may stop by JoAnn Fabric and see if they have any suitable squares of material to sew in there instead of a white cotton hanky.  LOL - imagine bright red lace on the black suit !!! 

btw - I hate loser pics like this.  But it was easier than trying to set the timer on the camera.

LOL - my cheesy expressions!

Has anyone else had a problem like this?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I will not win Mom-of-the-Year !!

Last Saturday, Miss Angela decided she wanted to watch the Exorcist.  OK - that kicked me out of the Mom-of-the-Year running right there - because I let her!  (remember, she'll be 14 in 2 months)

She'd been watching it for a good 45 minutes when she wandered into my bedroom (yes - I also let her watch it alone!) and told me it was rather boring.  I asked her what year it was made.  She went & looked.  1973.  Neat - the year I was born!  I told her that (gulp) old movies aren't all blood & gore & slashers like they are now.  They're scarier because you have to use your imagination.

So she went back to the living room.  Probably 1/2 hour later she was back.  Apparently she found a scary part!  She came in & said "Mom....I knew there was a reason I don't like to watch scary movies after dark!!".  She had already turned it off.  I told her I hope she didn't need to sleep in my bed!  She said no.  But then asked if she could sleep on the couch.  LOL!  But first I told her to watch something happy so it wasn't so fresh in her mind.

So last night after dinner, she asked if I would watch the rest of the Exorcist with her.  So I did.  I'd never seen all of it myself, just bits & pieces - like the girl's head spinning around & the green projectile vomit. 

I took great joy in freaking her out - bad mommy!!  In one scene before the big exorcism scene at the end, Father Karras is breaking the bread for communion.  OK, I was raised Catholic, so I knew the scripture he was reading and proceeded to say the lines before the actor did.   Angel looked at me with her eyes like saucers & asked however did I know what he was going to say???  She was so amazed!  I just waggled my eyebrows at her & finished the scripture.  I finally laughed & told her what he was doing and why I knew it.  She is so funny!

I think she may be done with scary movies for a while.  Altho I think she's intrigued with the thought of part II.......

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mostly Unhappy Birthday

Yesterday was Randy's birthday.  He had the day off work, since that is one of the few nice things that company still does for their employees.  He very graciously offered to pick Pnut up from school so I could leave that much earlier from work and we could go out to a nice dinner while she was at dance.

Also, Saturday on our way home from shopping, I saw a billboard along I-75 for Edible Arrangements & thought that would be a brilliant idea for him!  So I ordered a nice arrangement & arranged to have it sent to his work (luckily I remembered early enough Monday to get it changed & have it delivered to the house!!)

So anyway, around 2:30 I texted him to find out if anything had been delivered yet. He replied back that he didn't know - he'd been at his friend Dave's since noon!  Oh great!  I checked the website & E.A. said if no one was home, they'd leave it with a neighbor!  We don't really know any of our neighbors that well, especially to leave nommy food with them!!  When they called to tell me there was no one home, I ended up paying an extra $6 for a big ol' cooler bag since I was going to be home in like 45 minutes.

So when I left at 5, I texted him again.  He was still at Dave's working on his computer & it was taking longer than he expected.  I started to get mad.  First of all - why in the hell would you offer to work on someone's computer on your birthday????  And secondly, when did a project NOT take longer than expected????

Anyway, I dropped Angel off at dance & around 6, he told me he couldn't stop what he was doing because he'd really mess up the computer if he left it.  The texts went back & forth.  I got madder and madder.

I have to interject - I have no idea why this whole situation pissed me off as badly as it did.  It just did!  The last time I was this mad...I was still with Angel's Donor.  I literally was shaking.

Finally, I told him that Dave needed to take him out for dinner, since I obviously wouldn't get to.  And then to stay there as long as needed because he really didn't want to be around me at that moment.

I sat here & fumed for a while, with all the cats sympathizing with me.  Finally around 7 - I decided to go shopping (which ended up being a total bust - guess I wasn't meant to shop for anything other than kitty litter & toothpaste!)    He texted me around 8 saying he was leaving Dave's finally.  I stopped at Subway in WalMart & grabbed a sub for dinner then proceeded to dink around as long as possible.  Angel got out of dance at 9:15 so I waited for her.

We got home & he was laying on the bed.  I went about my business & messed around on the computer for a while.  Then he went outside.  He was out there for a while, so I got ready for bed.  He came in a while later & that's when we finally talked.  Grr - he told me he'd been waiting for me to come over & talk to him.  The same when he went outside.  Helloooo!  I don't read minds.  If you wanted to talk - tell me!

So anyway, all is good now.  And I'm taking him out to dinner tonight. It sucks that his birthday was such a crappy day, but hopefully today was better!

Honeydew melon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries dipped in chocolate 
and pineapples dipped in chocolate!

Monday, July 18, 2011

FMM - 10 Random Questions

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

FMM: Ten Random Questions
1) What do you like most about yourself? My imagination and sense of humor

2) List three characteristics that you like to have in your friends.  honesty, fun, someone sort of like me

3) How often do you brush your teeth? twice a day

4) If you could travel anywhere today, where would you go?  either Australia of Europe (a bunch of cool places all fairly close together)

5) Have you ever met anyone from the blog world in person? nope

6) What is the last show you watched on TV? How It's Made.  I have a hard time sitting still to watch TV.

7) What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear? When I do wear it, it's something I got from Victoria Secret.  I don't remember the name of it.

8. How long ago did you complete your last workout? Saturday morning

9) What will you eat for dinner tonight? I don't know yet.  It's the hubby's birthday so he gets to choose where we go to celebrate.

10) Share something fun that you did over the weekend. Went shopping with my sister, niece & daughter at a Salvation Army - we had fun watching the girls try on wedding dresses & shoes.

Now it’s your turn, and you know what to do…Don’t forget to come back and link up!  Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another mostly successful shopping trip!

Angel & I made our solo trip to Always Christmas yesterday.  It was nice.  We did walk thru the village but didn't go into any stores.  A.C. itself was a glorious ghost town - hardly any people there at all!  We were in & out in less than 2 hours.  These are some of the ornaments we got.

It's got a mirror mosaic on its butt!

The World!

A solid glass Razorback

Not an ornament, but this matches the other gingies I have that are too cute!

Orange kept catching my attention this day.

Another dancer ornament!

This peacock is probably 9 inches long & had a clip on the bottom.

Angel's lime green Mustang 

Another orange one!

And of course we scoped out the H'ween section.  I wasn't too happy with it. Most of their stuff was over-priced or those ugly mouth blown pieces... so I just got these...

Eyeballs.  They're about the size of a golf ball (life-size?)


I should have gotten pics of their Dept. 56 display.  It was cool!

Once we got home, we kept getting goofy texts from Lisa of Laurie wearing weird things, so we ended up driving out to Romeo to join them.  We went into this little consignment store & I found this and absolutely could not leave without it!
It's slightly smaller than my half-gallon jugs.  
But the color & shape & everything is AWESOME!!!  
I even got Angel's blessing to get it. 

They had a big sale at the Salvation Arny, so we went there, too.  I didn't see any clothes that I liked, but if I was skinny & scrawny like the girls - I would have made out better.  Laurie didn't even find anything she liked.   The tweedles had fun trying on shoes & dresses.

I think its rather scary that these dresses fit them perfectly.  
Who the hell wore them originally???

 I ended up buying this dress for her.  
No idea why.  
But it was only $5

Looking at the wedding dress Angel had on - it reminded me of a tombstone that one of my H'ween Forum friends created.  
That dress would have been perfect, style & size - except for the fact it was $300 !!! That's twice as much as I paid for my own wedding dress!  And there's no way I can aspire to be as amazingly talented as Terra is!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's the weekend! WOOHOOOO!

I am so glad this week is over!  And I'm even more glad that summer school is half over!  Good news is - BratGirl, I mean Angela, brought home her progress report & she's got a solid 85% - a B !!! 

I've mentioned how fortunate I feel about my work letting me leave during the day to shuttle her around.  Tuesday I really thought an end was going to be put to that!  She started the summer dance session this week.  Thankfully the Monday classes got moved back so they don't affect me any, but Tuesday they still start at 3:45.  I could tell BossLady wasn't happy, but I am making up all this time that I'm gone.  AND IT SUCKS !!!!!  When you're used to leaving at 3:30 - staying until 5:30 is horrible.

So I'm keeping elaborate records to make sure I don't screw myself (ahem - my paycheck) but also make sure I'm not there any longer than I absolutely have to be.   I'm sure that no one has any clue what my actual hours are - but that's OK.  Me, the boss & the timeclock know.  And as long as I'm getting my work done - I'm not affecting anyone else.

Then I had to cover for Geri one day because her car crapped out.  So Wednesday & Thursday I had a slight anxious feeling that I didn't like much.   We stopped in KFart one day and Angel always checks her blood pressure on that machine near the pharmacy.  I did it too, this time.  It said I was pre-hypertensive.  Neat.

Oh - and I got some more chocolate wine - but this kind is disgusting!  I don't like concord grapes to begin with so "Sweet Sunset's Red Chocolate" may continue to ferment in the septic tank.  Even mixing it with chocolate milk didn't help any.  ~blagh~  I'll stick with my ChocoVine. 

Anyway... to celebrate the weekend & the halfway point, Brat & I are going to Canterbury Village to the Always Christmas store.  I do not care that summer has finally struck us here in SE Michigan, this is a good time to go.  The riff-raff aren't thinking of Christmas right now!  I am signed up for the Secret Santa exchange on the ChristmasFanClub forum and also the Secret Reaper exchange on the HalloweenForum - there also happens to be a nice little Halloween section in the basement at Always Christmas.  2 birds, 1 stone, baby!

Also, we haven't mentioned this excursion to anyone in my family.  It is a huge, insane production to go shopping or anywhere with Mom & the sisters & nieces.  I love them dearly, but they make me crazy.  Apparently Angel feels the same way - she's happy just the 2 of us are going.   I'll give her $20 and she can buy anything she wants.  It's funny how careful she is shopping when it's her own money that she uses!

So, Angel isn't up yet, so I guess I'll throw some shorts on & go do some Wii yoga since it's been forever since I got on there.  That darn little Wii bitch will "Oooof" at me when I step on the board, I know it!

I don't think Randy is as happy with my Halloween obsession as I am.  
Marilyn is hanging right inside the door so I could put a coat of spray paint on her scalp.  
He's walked into her.  Probably several times.
This is my latest ebay purchase.  
I've decided I need more JOLs this year.

Friday, July 15, 2011

7/15/11 Hooky!

I chose not to weigh in this week.  It's been a lousy week anyway, and the possiblity of a gain probably would made me go postal or at least cry.

Next week should better for me mentally.  The whole staying-late-at-work really sucks.  But I've discovered that I'm staying later than I really need to so I'll be sure to keep closer track for the next 3 weeks until BratGirl is done with summer school & dance. 

It's supposed to get hot & humid this weekend, so it'll be time to break out the Wii & DVDs again.

I need to take measurements again.  I noticed when I was off WW & right after I started back - I had reverted back to wearing baggy clothes.  All week & last weekend I've had tighter tops on & have felt pretty confident that I'm not grossing people out.  Randy actually took a full-length picture of me on the way to Toronto that I like! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Love Critters - Volume 2


Chester is a rescue from the Humane Society.  We wanted a second cat and I promised Randy that I'd wait until we were in the house for 6 months.  The vet recommended a female since we already had a male, so I searched the MHS site & noted some prospects.  Randy was in Arkansas that July and Angel was up north with Linda, so I went alone to choose - and to make it a surprise for both of them.

I was disappointed in the cats I went to look at.  They didn't impress me at all.  I walked by a cage & a pair of orange paws shot out & reached for me.  I stopped & played with "Kevin" for a minute & then walked on.  But every time I went near, those paws came out.  Finally I asked if I could see him in a pet room.  He sat on my lap and purred and rubbed against me.  I couldn't NOT take him home!  Chester chose me.

Yes - his name got changed as soon as we brought him home & he ate a Cheetoh.  And he has a huge head. 

Chester is also known as "the Informer".  If you can ~ OMG ~ see the bottom of the food bowl or the water dish is empty - he will come bother ME!  Not the girl who he insists on going to sleep with every night.  Not his pillow-person Randy.  ME! 

Chester is also the trouble-maker. He will walk up to Skeeter, straddle him & bite his head.  Skeeter will just lay there & yell.  He loves to fight with socks.  Randy can smack him around with a pair of socks & Ches loves it!

He's not gotten along well with Maggie since day 1.  They have sort of an uneasy truce now. 

 Mr. Nosy
 Helping Randy hook up the TV.
 He allows Angel to manhandle him.
 I think it comforts him to snuggle with Skeeter.
 He's the only one who shows an interest in Mr. Clean.
 He's our mighty hunter!  He caught mice even when we didn't know we had any!

 Nothing is safe from being Chester-fied. 
btw - that's not a mop.  It's the dog's rope toy.