Sunday, May 1, 2011

Halfway to Halloween!

Aren’t these the cutest, I mean creepiest, dolls ever?  I just finished them up tonight for my “Halfway to Halloween” project.  I know I posted both of them before, but here are the “AFTER” pics, too.  They started out ordinary porcelain dolls and a little haze gray spray paint & some acrylics…..voila! ~giggle~

Anabel before

Penelope Before

Zombie Anabel with her glorious white eyes.
You really can't see the pale purple wash I put on her face. 
Her dress didn't dye well - obviously!

Zombie Penelope.  maybe she needs some blood on the her dress? Hmmm.  
She's got a red wash around her eyes - a nice touch!  I like it.

Side note – I fully recommend using spray paint on porcelain.  Good coverage & it keeps that beautiful smooth finish without the darn brushstrokes. Thumbs up!

Miss Angela is in a snit about Amanda again.  I wonder how long this one will last?  I think Angel is too forgiving and Amanda isn’t a very good friend.  Angel was supposed to spend the night Friday & called me up at 11:30 crying to come get her.  Even tho I was in my pjs in bed watching the hockey game, I was gone in a flash.  Apparently Amanda’s Mom and sister both went to their respective boyfriend’s houses & left Amanda at home with Angel & Jessica & 2 boys who weren’t supposed to be over anyway!!!  Angel was standing out in the yard & they wouldn’t let her have her shoes!!  So I went & pounded on the door & even tho I saw shadows in the living room, they didn’t answer.  So I called her.  Didn’t say hello or anything.  Just “bring out Angela’s shoes”.  I was pretty surprised that she answered to begin with & also when she opened the door & handed out the shoes.  I just grabbed them & left.  Amanda is apparently one of those people who can’t pay attention to more than one person – since Angel said they were ignoring her.  I know whenever she’s over, she’s always texting & stuff.  Personally that ticks me off.   I made sure to find out if anyone hurt her, because I would have gone seriously postal on someone.  Luckily for them it was only her feelings.  GRRR. 

I think Amanda’s mom is a huge flippin’ flake (keeping it G-rated).  First the episode with the birthday party sleepover that suddenly had too many people hours before the party started & now this.  I know Angel is perfectly capable to stay home alone for a couple hours.  I trust her not to catch the house on fire like the neighbor’s boy did.  If she’s got a half day of school, I’m OK with her going home on the bus like normal.  But she’s never been home an entire day without me making some kind of arrangements & NEVER have I left her at night.  And I don’t see that happening in the near future at all!!  Sheesh.

No, I didn't get up at 0-dark-thirty to watch the Royal Wedding.  I figured I could always look online.  Her dress was gorgeous.  I'm glad he chose that uniform since his actual RAF unform is dull & boring.  I hope they're happy together & the media leaves them alone.

However, I did sit up and watch Round 2, Game 1. The Sharks ended up winning in OT, but they fought for it!  Jimmy Howard, I personally thought did great, considering how may shots they took at him.  And I was happy to see the Mule with a shield on his helmet.  His poor face has gone thru enough!  I enjoyed the game.

Anyway…. I need to find a troupe of gypsies or a circus to sell that kid to….she’s expensive!!  This morning I dropped over $400 on the Boys & Girl’s Club for the summer program.  This week I’ll be taking close to another $400 to the studio for May & June tuition and random other stuff she needed for comp & the recital.  Plus I still have to go get her the shoes for hiphop and her makeup.  And I need to pre-order the recital DVD and order her a recital teddy bear.   Thank God for tax returns!!!

So Monday & Tuesday I’ll be covering for Geri at work again.  Joy.  I had to learn some more stuff because Rich is gone and the dispatcher he trained doesn’t work on Mondays.  I just made sure that they cleared it with Michelle first.  Ross didn’t check with Michelle before Geri went on vacation and she was NOT a happy person.  She’s very protective of me – Heehee!  Geri used to be in billing, too so she also knows how Michelle is.  I hope I don’t screw this up!  

Gonna be another nice day tomorrow.  Randy’s working at the March of Dimes walk – the first of many radio events he does over the summer.  I need to dig out one of the GPSs and maybe go do a geocache or two.  I know there’s one in the cemetery in downtown Utica……

Bloomin' Tulips!

PS - I used haircolor remover on Pnut's hair today.  I'd have to say it took 99% of the green out and the brassiness, too.  So she's got some really bright blonde streaks again, but she's OK with them.  Cool!  I don't have to go thru the hassle of re-coloring that thick mop before competition !!!

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