Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My body sure doesn't recover as well as it used to!  I left the family & dog at home & walked around the local park last night.  I went 2 miles in 27 minutes - just me & my iPod.  Cruisin'!!!  My booty & thighs are killing me today!  Plus as soon as I got home I took Jack for a short walk thru the neighborhood, since I was haunted by that hopeful little Beagle face when he watched me put my shoes on - and then leave without him.

I'm pretty proud of myself.  I had fixed dinner as soon as Randy got home, so we were done early.  I had just sat down at the computer to play The Phantom of the Opera (a hidden object game - love them!!) and commented to myself that I really should take advantage of the nice evening & go for a walk.  So I shut down the game & got changed.  The game was going to be there when I got back!

I also went for a walk at work yesterday.  A co-worker and I walked 4 times around the building, which is a decent size office building & 30 door loading dock.  I think I'd call that a "chat walk" since it took 20 minutes.  That was more to get away from the desk than to actually exercise.

I had a thought as I was walking last night.  I need to put some cadences on my iPod.  I have no desire to run ever again (unless chased by zombies) but it really did help keep a steady pace.  I have a cassette tape of Navy cadences out in the garage, but nothing to play it on!  I need newer media!  Wonder if there's something on iTunes....?


  1. Great job on your walk!! I'm sure you can find that on iTunes. They have everything!

  2. Great work on the walks!! I'm totally driven by music when it comes to cardio - somehow the faster the beat, the faster I walk. You can checkout my playlist if you're interested. Keep up the great work and don't forget to stretch before and after you walk - that'll help with the soreness :)

  3. Thanks for playlist - I have to admit I've never heard any of those songs. I'm more a country / 80's rock girl. But I listened to clips of a few of them & can really see how you can use the beat!


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