Friday, March 21, 2014

Theme Reveal !!!!

Whooops, I sort of already put this out there, when I posted that I had signed up for the challenge.  Oh well - here it is again, in an "official" post!

This is my health / weight loss blog so I'm concentrating on a different fruit or vegetable each day.  There may even be recipes included!  But I'm keeping the posts short & sweet.  And yes...I DO have posts for the tough letters (X, I'm looking at you!)

I am not a foodie blogger by any stretch of the imagination, definitely not a food photographer & I will apologize now for my hideous 70s brown laminate countertops.  Consider that a heads-up!

I have 3 blogs, you can also find me doing the A-Z Challenge over at Tales from the Love Shaque where you'll find pretty much an identical post today!   The third I'm not entering in this challenge, since it's Halloween-related and I do other bloghops throughout the year over there.

I have most of my posts written & pre-posted so I can enjoy reading other blogs during the challenge!

On an off note - Super Extra Special Good Luck being sent out to the 
Dancers Only Studio's Competition Team who will be at Primetime 
Dance this weekend - kicking off their comp season. 

Werk It,  Ladies!!


  1. Really look forward to your posts. I am a vegetarian so look forward to getting to know some new recipes with fruits and veg!

    1. Oh man, talk about pressure! Hope you're not disappointed (and my very post includes bacon - lol!)

  2. Congrats on having your posts done. I still have mine to do. Talk about needing more discipline.

    1. "Most" is the key word when I wrote this post - I need to get busy & finish up!

  3. ...slow & steady wins the race! Love your blog title!
    I'm wondering what you're going to do about the letter X...
    Have fun during the challenge!

    My theme is “If Books Could Speak, What Would They Say” and is guaranteed to be LOTS OF FUN! It is interactive, and bloggers are invited to play along!
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!
    Writer In Transit

    1. That sounds like a fun topic - I'll be sure to check it out!


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