Saturday, March 8, 2014

2 months at the gym pics

Alrighty - time to get real.  Let's see if there is any real difference yet. 
Pics taken January 6 are on the left and ones take March 7 on the right. 

There seems to be a more pronounced nip-in at my waist.  

 Hmm, the upper roll appears to be a smidge smaller.
And the bust.  

Here's where I see a difference!  My arms still cause me to wrinkle up my nose in dismay, but not cringe in horror like the January side does.  Definite difference in waist sizes. 

I just had to get up and take my measurements. Since the day I started going to the gym - December 26, I've lost.....5 inch off my thighs.  .25 inch off my arms, 1.5 inches off my bust, and an inch off both my hips & waist.  At least it's showing there, since I've only lost about 3 lbs in that same time frame. But 2 people at work have noticed and commented!

I'm feeling pretty sore right now.  There was a sub at Zumba at the gym this morning.  Joy did a lot more dance moves while Kelli does more salsa and bellydancing.  It didn't seem tougher at the time, but my body is telling me otherwise now!

My workouts lately have been Zumba on Saturday and 2 days doing the elliptical (I'm up to 17 minutes!!), 3 sets of about 12 on all the circuit machines and then 25 minutes or so on the treadmill.  If I'm pressed for time. I'll go do 35 minutes on the bike.

I guess there's hope for me yet.  I started writing my A-Z challenge posts, so instead of getting into the damn Chips Ahoy (with Reeses Pieces!!) the asshole, also known as my husband, brought home....I had grapes & yogurt - which will be a challenge post.


  1. I'm so excited to have found your blog through A to Z! I'm on a similar health journey, so it's cool to see another mom doing the same. I just recently posted about needing to take pics, and not wanting to... think I'll do that this afternoon. (Gotta finish laundry first!) Anyhow, you're looking great- keep up the good work! (Totally laughed about the Chips Ahoy.... )

    Julie @ Julie 2 Jules

    1. He knows that cookies are my downfall and he insists on bringing them home! I guess that's what I get for sending him to the store for something totally unrelated, like CHICKEN!

  2. Great job. I see a lot of difference in those two pics.

    1. Thanks - it's nice to SEE the difference so I know it's not all in my mind.

  3. I can see a difference!! Kudos to you!! Hard work does pay off.


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