Sunday, July 31, 2016

Checking in - almost 3 weeks post-op

I had my 2 week follow-up appointment last Monday (and my weight while wearing jean capris was down 1.6 lbs from the day I had surgery after a 12 hour fast!!!)

I got the blessing to return to work Tuesday, but I kind of wished I'd talked the doctor into saying I should just have half days this week.  I may just sit behind a desk, but it had been 2 weeks since I'd been sitting up for an extended amount of time and I could feel it.  Luckily Angel was at home, since I didn't even make it until 11am before I texted her to bring my my belly binder.  I made sure I had it with / on me the rest of the week. 

Then Thursday & Friday, my weird sleeping schedule caught up to me.  Thursday was a real struggle and I made sure to get a nap in when I got home.  Yesterday I didn't have that option, so 5 hour energy was my friend!  Angel had dance team try-outs (pretty much a formality since I seriously doubt they'd tell her should couldn't be on the team after all these years) and she wanted me to be there.  So I went straight to the studio from work, then did some minor shopping on the way home from there (ya know Halloween stuff is starting to appear in stores!!). 

Once I got home, I stretched out on the bed and just barely started to relax when Randy got home!  I was surprised since he's not usually home so early.  So we went out to dinner and did some store browsing, a typical date night for us!  But I'd made the mistake of letting Miss Angela stay out until 1am and in typical Mom fashion, I stayed awake until she got home.  I was beat.
Saw this at the Salvation Army - wonder how old this is??

It's funny that if you ask me how I felt in the morning, I'd say Great, Wonderful, Excellent!  But later in the afternoon, my answer probably wouldn't be so positive.  I had a nap early this afternoon for an hour or so, then Randy & I went to Target (which is the only store I can consistently count on to actually have my strawberry Crystal Lite in stock!!) and then when we got home, I did some painting on my headstones for Halloween and then talked Randy into going for a walk.  All I had to do was wave some socks at the dog and he was ready to go!  It's been way too long since we took him for a walk and he was excited!  Map My Walk said we went 2.5 miles, but the track did a lot of back & forth so I doubt we went more than 2.25 miles, if that. 

One thing I've noticed since I had surgery is that I don't feel the need to continually stuff my face.  In fact, I really have to stop and think if I am actually feeling hungry or not.  I had a bowl of cereal at 10am today and didn't have anything else until like 4:30pm when Randy & I were out shopping and he said he was hungry.  I would have been fine until he said something and I thought about it.  
This ticked me off.  I drained ground beef into the dogs bowl the other night and then promptly turned and dumped the taco seasoning into his bowl, too!  The pan of beef is sitting on the stove, about 6 inches over to the left.  
Much to his dismay - he did NOT get this bowl.  He has horrible farts on a regular night so there's just no way.  

Oh yeah - I'm not doing Weight Watchers for a while.  They suspended my account while I was in Charleston last month because I had cancelled the credit card that was used to pay for my monthly pass (and I forgot about everything that used that card for auto-payments - oops!)  But it actually worked out for the best, timing-wise, since now I don't feel guilty about not going to meetings until I'm actually ready to get back on the program.  I'll see how I feel after I go in for my 6 week follow-up exam at the end of August.  

They're supposed to be starting Zumba back up at the studio at the same time the fall dance classes start back up at the beginning of September.  I'll have to ease my way back into that! 

Anyhooo.  I still have my achy times, but there's been nothing horribly painful.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I had major surgery.  It sure feels like I've had a pretty easy recovery so far, but I guess since there were significant internal organs removed, that should classify it was major!

And here we go with staying up way too late again.  I need to stop this crap!  At least we have nothing big planned for tomorrow so I'll be good with sleeping late, and I'll try my best to avoid a nap so I'll get my carcass to bed at a reasonable time tomorrow night so I'll be ready to start the week over again! 


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