Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy long weekend!

I can't believe I haven't posted in well over 2 weeks! I guess because I don't have anything really good to report. I decided to skip my meeting last week because I had the urge to clean my kitchen - and when you get an urge like that, you can't pass it up!

This week coming up I'll have to hit the 4 pm meeting so I can go out to my sister's house to help wrangle kittens to the vet. Last winter, someone dropped off a cat at her place and she cautiously moved into the barn (being respectful of the resident barn cat) and of course, in late April she popped out 4 kittens. About a month ago, Laurie caught the kittens and brought them in the house and took Mama to the vet and got her spayed, and a week later she died! But before she did, she got all the kittens litter trained - amazingly overnight. So this past Friday, Laurie & my other sister, Miss Angela & a friend all went tubing (damn those co-workers who take off work so I can't!) and I went out Saturday to pick up the girls and to see the kittens. I noticed one seemed pretty lethargic, so we took her to the vet. They did what they could and we went back to Laurie's house for her to change for work before taking kitten to the pet ER - but the poor thing died in Angel's arms! The vet said she saw something odd on the x-rays in kittie's tummy so she must have eaten something she shouldn't have. Poor little nugget. So the rest are going in to get checked out and probably fixed. 

It's tough to see those adorable babies! I'd love to have another cat, but my old man Chester probably wouldn't like it much. He's been king of the castle for 12 years now. He's at least 15 years old - they didn't know for sure when he chose me from the Humane Society. He does tolerate Maddie pretty well.
Last Saturday was my birthday! We went out to dinner Friday night since I didn't have anything planned. I was bummed that both Cheeseburger in Paradise (owned by Jimmy Buffett - the only one in Michigan!) and the local Max & Erma's closed down! So we went to Texas Roadhouse. I always get the 6oz sirloin & grilled shrimp but those damn rolls & cinnamon butter always get me. They're irresistible! 
Saturday I woke up early to take the dog outside and while I was up, went online to see if Yankee Candle put their Boney Bunch stuff online yet - and they I ordered a couple pieces that I really wanted. Then went back to bed. Once we all got up, Randy & Angel tagged along without complaining, anything I wanted to do or go to. We went to breakfast, then to the mall to see the actual Yankee Candle store and hit a couple other stores there. Then we went home with the intention of leaving Randy there while Angel & I got our nails did, but it was cool, & drizzly rain and I heard a nap calling me. So I took a glorious 3 hour nap and didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about it! Then I ran to the store to grab some meat to grill. Sunday Angel & I went to the nail salon where she got her tips filled and I got a pedicure. AaahhHH! 

So it was a nice birthday.  The Boney Bunch stuff was my birthday gift (thanks to Randy who is a lousy shopper) and I also got a pair of slippers and a stuffed blue octopus that is really cute.  Instead of cake, I opted for cupcakes.  Chocolate with peanut butter frosting, rolled in peanuts and a mini PB cup on top. On nom nom nom.  

Before I forget - here's my activity for the past 2 weeks.  Last week was pretty lousy, but the week before was decent.  

Oh yeah - I cut out steel cut oats and have been doing much better, altho I still find myself feeling HUGE after eating any meal.  I could be 100% perfectly on plan and still feel gross.  Grrr.  I probably need to do more smaller meals instead of 3 and a snack.  That sucks.  

I saw someone who added an egg to their oatmeal and was kind of interested, so (much to the amusement of the cleaning guy at work) I tried it.  He stood there and watched me crack an egg into my dry old-fashioned oats and stir it up.  But once I added the hot water, it made the oats almost custardy!  I couldn't taste the egg at all and the hot water cooked it so I hopefully won't die from salmonella.  

Its getting late and I feel myself starting to babble, so I'm going to sign off.  Later!


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